The Quidditch Rulebook


The sport of quidditch has evolved over the years, getting more competitive and stepping out of its niche. This development and the full-contact character of quidditch make it necessary to set standards and define clear rules. The rulebook attempts to do this.

In order to facilitate cross-border games and international tournaments, the DQB uses the international rulebook that was published by the International Quidditch Association (IQA) for the seasons 2016/17 and 2018/18. It is based on the rulebook used in the previous season.

In addition, DQB made the following amendments in order to adapt the rulebook to the characteristics of German quidditch:
- The composition of a team's roster is not restricted with regards to players' genders. (7.1.1.B)
- Metal studs are forbidden for safety reasons. (2.5.2.E)

The DQB admonishes all players to thoroughly read the rulebook and make sure that all of its aspects are understood. A German summary of the rulebook, put together in a collaboration of DQB and community, is available here.