The German Quidditch League


From the 2016/17 season onwards, Germany is hosting a quidditch league alongside the big annual tournaments. Regular game days allow the teams to get additional experience, test new strategies and mingle with other teams. The league thus plays an important role in improving the level of quidditch played in Germany and in bringing the community closer together.
The league is currently subdivided into six regional leagues within which teams compete (see below). This subdivision ensures shorter distances and lower travel costs.

The 2016/17 league season is additionally limited to the second half of the regular season. This allows younger teams who have only started up very recently to participate in the competition, and leads to each regional league comprising of four to five teams. The different regional leagues also set the scene for different league systems to be tested and to be analysed in collaboration with the teams. DQB is using this trial period to develop a reasoned league system that meets the teams’ needs and wishes for the 2017/18 season.

Teams and individual participants alike are invited to share their thoughts and feedback on the league. Please get in touch with gameplay director Niklas Müller (gameplay[at]


Regional leagues:
Teams in italic print are currently still developing members, but expressed their interest in participating in the league.

Baden-Württemberg League (April-June 2017):
Black Forest Bowtruckles
Heidelberger HellHounds
Tübinger Thestrale
Flying Foxes Karlsruhe
Mannheimer Greife

Bavarian League (April-June 2017):
Augsburg Owls
Münchener Wolpertinger
Three River Dragons Passau
Quidditch Bamberg

Nordrhein-Westfalen League (November/December 2016, April-June 2017):
Bielefelder Basilisken
Münster Marauders
Rheinos Bonn
Ruhr Phoenix

Northern German Liga (April-June 2017):
Broomicorns Braunschweig
Hamburg Werewolves
Portkeys Bremen
Hannover Nifflers

Eastern German Liga (April-June 2017):
Berlin Bluecaps
Jena Jobberknolls
Looping Lux Leipzig
Berlin Skyhogs
Deluminators Dresden

Rhein-Main League (April-Juni 2017):
Darmstadt Athenas
Frankfurt Mainticores
Broom Breakers Quidditch
Binger Beasts