Broom Breakers win the Ice Cup 2017

The Broom Breakers from Feuerbach came out on top at last weekend's Ice Cup 2017. The team from Feuerbach won from Heidelberger Hellhounds in the final. A total of 12 teams competed in Bamberg.

Twelve teams journeyed to Bamberg last weekend to compete in the Ice Cup 2017. But the event on the Rudi Ziegler Sports Facilities was not just your regular sports gathering - teams came to play quidditch! The young sport, originating from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, has been played in Germany for roughly four years, internationally for more than ten.

The Ice Cup, supported by local bike shop Der Radladen Bamberg, invited newer, inexperienced teams, compared to the more advanced teams who competed for the participation in the European Quidditch Cup in November. The Broom Breakers from Feuerbach came out on top amongst the primarily southern German teams, winning the final from Heidelberger Hellhounds. In a thrilling match neither team managed to pull ahead far, and the Broom Breakers decided the game in their favour when catching the snitch for a final score of 70*:60.

Full ranking:
1. Broom Breakers
2. Heidelberger Hellhounds
3. Bielefelder Basilisken
4. Dresden Deluminators
5. Augsburg Owls
6. Kelpies Bamberg
7. Flying Foxes Karlsruhe
8. Braunschweiger Broomicorns 2
9. Thunderbirds Trier
10. Mannheimer Greife
11. TTT
12. Berlin Bludgers

A detailed tournament recap will follow shortly.