Ice Cup 2017 offers an opportunity to newer teams

Teams who are not eligible to play in the qualification tournament for the European Quidditch Cup in Bremen are invited to compete in the Ice Cup 2017, taking place in Bamberg on the first weekend of December. The tournament is organised at the initiative of Bamberg, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe.

In early November, the top 16 German teams are competing for the available spots at the European Quidditch Cup 2018 in Bremen. Due to the stark increase in teams across the country, this season's EQC qualification is restricted to some teams only for the first time. In order to allow all remaining teams to compete in a tournament as well, the Ice Cup 2017 is taking place in Bamberg on December 2/3, 2017. All teams affiliated with a full member of Deutscher Quidditchbund that do not participate in the EQC qualification are eligible to compete.

The tournament is held at the sports grounds of DJK Don Bosco Bamberg in Wildensorg. The format is implemented at the initiative of the three teams Kelpies Bamberg, Heidelberger HellHounds and Flying Foxes Karlsruhe who are also leading the tournament preparations. The organisation committee is comprised of the following people:
Tournament Director – David Bentz
Assistant Tournament Director – Kristina Steinhauf
Finance Manager – Gabriela Sauer
Gameplay Manager – Pierre Allard
Volunteer Manager – Agnes Kemper
PR Manager – Lucia Boll
Hospitality Manager – Anja Gaugigl
Logistics Manager – Moritz Ewerling
We thank all three teams for their commitment to the sport and look forward to the cooperation!

Existing teams should note that the application to become a full member of Deutscher Quidditchbund for the first half of the season is possible until mid-November. Detailed information on membership and membership application is available here.
Detailed tournament sign-up information will be available shortly and might include earlier deadlines. Membership applications should therefore be submitted as soon as possible.

Picture: DJK Don Bosco Bamberg