EQC Qualifier on November 4/5, 2017 in Bremen

The annual European Quidditch Cup (EQC) sets the stage for Europe’s best quidditch teams competing with each other. The German qualification for this tournament takes place on November 4/5, 2017 in Bremen. Applications for the organising committee are now open.

In previous years, three German teams were allowed to compete in the European Quidditch Cup. However, thanks to the growth of quidditch throughout the country and the strong performances of German teams at EQC 2017, we have every reason to hope for a fourth spot in the upcoming season 2017/18.

Teams will compete for the three to four spots at the EQC Qualifier 2017. This tournament takes place on November 4/5, 2017 at the sports facilities of ATS Buntentor in Bremen. Participation is open to the 16 best teams of last season, chosen according to the tournament rankings from the German Championship 2017 and the German Winter Games 2017 in line with the selection procedure published in March.

The following teams are therefore invited to the EQC Qualifier 2017:
Berlin Bluecaps
Black Forest Bowtruckles
Braunschweiger Broomicorns
Darmstadt Athenas
Hamburg Werewolves
LSV Südwest Looping Lux Leipzig
Münchner Wolpertinger
Münster Marauders
Portkeys Bremen
Rheinos Bonn
Ruhr Phoenix
Ruhr Phoenix Squad
TGB Frankfurt Mainticores
Three River Dragons Passau
Tübinger Thestrale
USV Jena Jobberknolls
The final list of participating teams will be released after all teams confirmed their attendance. Should one of the aforementioned teams decide not to participate in the tournament, another team will be nominated based on the German Championship ranking.

The EQC Qualifier will be organised by an ad-hoc tournament committee, appointed by Deutscher Quidditchbund, in collaboration with the hosting team Portkeys Bremen. Applications for the organising committee are open until August 6, 2017, and should be submitted via the application form. A detailed description of all positions (in German) can be found in the separate committee announcement.