Roster for the European Games 2017 announced

Germany is participating in the European Games in Oslo on July 3&4, 2017. Today, the national team coaches released the tournament roster featuring the 21 best players across the country. Ten different teams are represented in it.

Team Germany has been practicing for the European Games 2017 since October. Next to organising practices and dealing with the team logistics, the team staff surrounding head coach Christian Zimpelmann was also tasked with selecting the 21 players to represent Germany at European Games in July from a pool of around 40.

Zimpelmann and co-coach Christian Häuser were supported by an ad hoc selection committee, consisting of the coaches, team manager Juliane Schillinger and former Team Germany players Philipp Dahlhaus and Philipp Stolz. Based on their impressions from numerous practices over the course of the past months, they made the final decision subsequent to the last practice weekend in Berlin.

"The selection was anything but easy. Having ten different teams represented on Team Germany goes to show the depth of the German quidditch landscape", Zimpelmann comments on the European Games roster (see below). "The remaining two practice camps will be spent working on improving team play and fine-tuning the strategy. We are aiming for the Top 4 in Europe, and seeing this team makes us very confident that we can reach this goal."

Thus begins the final phase of preparation for the players on the extended roster – including both the 21 players on the tournament roster and the selection of reserve players. The next practice camp, including a friendly against the Belgian national team, is already coming up in two weeks, on May 14, 2017 in Bonn.


European Games roster:
Borut Bezgovšek (Tübinger Thestrale)
Leon Bürgers (Rheinos Bonn)
Simon Burgis (Darmstadt Athenas)
Nadine Cyrannek (Darmstadt Athenas)
Sebastian Elster (Rheinos Bonn)
Sami Fekkak (Three River Dragons Passau)
Hanna Große (Rheinos Bonn)
Sabrina Hönig (Darmstadt Athenas)
Emely Joost (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Sebastian Jux (Frankfurt Mainticores)
Johannes Klein-Peters (NTNUI Rumpeldunk)
Jan Kohler (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Maximilian Martens (Berlin Bluecaps)
Ida Meyenberg (Three River Dragons Passau)
Anneke Müller (Rheinos Bonn)
Miriam Quaß (Ruhr Phoenix)
Oda Helene Schiøtz (Münchner Wolpertinger)
Leander Troll (Rheinos Bonn)
Patrick van Halem (Darmstadt Athenas)
Steffen Wirsching (Darmstadt Athenas)
Ewelina Wolska (Rheinos Bonn

Jadena Bechtel (Darmstadt Athenas)
Jonas Becker (Portkeys Bremen)
Nina Heise (Frankfurt Mainticores)
Patricia Heise (Frankfurt Mainticores)
Martin Kleine (Darmstadt Athenas)
Ruben Lampe (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Niklas Müller (Ruhr Phoenix)
Philipp Wetterich (Darmstadt Athenas)

Team staff:
Christian Zimpelmann (head coach)
Christian Häuser (co-coach)
Juliane Schillinger (manager)