Team Germany jersey for European Games 2017 revealed

Team Germany is going to rock a new kit at this year’s European Games in Oslo. The new jersey combines the traditional black and white design with the dynamic nature of quidditch. Orders are open effective immediately.

Deutscher Quidditchbund partnered up with German jersey supplier owayo earlier this season. The new partnership also brings with it a new jersey design, finally introduced today!

Designer Nicki Christensen, also known as Designhörnchen, collaborated closely with the national team management. Team manager Juliane Schillinger explains the thoughts behind the design: "If was important for us to have a jersey that reflects the overall style of German national sports teams. This primarily means to use a black-and-white colour scheme and a rather simplistic design. Nicki additionally worked with red and golden highlights to capture our sport’s dynamic and loosen up the design a bit. The two elements combined are immediately recognisable as Team Germany stepping on pitch."

Orders are now open via the order form at 50€ per jersey. All profits are exclusively used to support Team Germany’s trip to Oslo, e.g. by reimbursing travel costs and accommodation.
Please note: Orders for pick up at the German Championship on June 3/4 need to be placed by May 3, 2017!