Organisation committee for German Cup 2017

This season’s German Cup takes place on June 3/4, 2017 in Jena. Deutscher Quidditchbund appointed a committee to organise the tournament and act as tournament direction on-site.

Each tournament requires extensive planning a priori and a tournament direction that will keep cool during the tournament weekend. This is where the organising committee comes in. For German Cup, the DQB board went through a great number of applications by committed individuals to assemble the following committee:

Tournament Director – Tobias Pötzsch
Assistant Tournament Director – Sarah Kempf
Finance Manager – Marco Ziegaus
Gameplay Manager – Stephan Brosch
Volunteer Manager – Anna Koivu
PR Manager – Leila Boehm
Hospitality Manager – Marila Lübke
Logistics Manager – Johannes Fox

We wish them great success with the tournament preparation and look forward to German Cup 2017!