German Cup 2017 in Jena

Mark July 03/04, 2017 in your calendars: the German teams will compete for the national championship! At the sports complex Oberaue in Jena it will be up to Rheinos Bonn to defend their title from the previous season. Applications for the tournament’s organising committee are open until March 19.

German Cup is the highlight of the German quidditch season and what all teams are working towards over the course of the year. The stakes are high: Rheinos Bonn want to defend their title, Darmstadt Athenas seek to win the title back, Ruhr Phoenix is eagerly waiting for their chance to take revenge for the missed EQC qualification in January and Looping Lux Leipzig aims to take up their surprise success at the Winter Games and prove that even relatively new teams have to be reckoned with. In short: it’s going to be an exciting tournament.

German Cup 2017 takes place on July 3/4, 2017 at the sports complex Oberaue in Jena. All full DQB member teams are eligible to participate and will receive additional information shortly.

With Jena as the hosting city, the Cup is going to be the first large-scale quidditch tournament in eastern Germany. DQB president Nina Heise comments the decision: “Quidditch is predominantly popular in southern and western Germany so far. Holding German Cup in Thuringia offers an excellent opportunity to boost the sport in the greater region. With Jena Jobberknolls we have not just found an enthusiastic host to collaborate with in organising the tournament, but also an avid partner to help us spread the word about quidditch.”

In organising German Cup, Deutscher Quidditchbund will collaborate with the hosting team Jena Jobberknolls and appoint an ad hoc organising committee who will be in charge of the specific tournament planning. Applications for the organising committee are open until March 19, 2017 via the application form. Detailed information on the different positions can be found here.