Everything you need to know about the German Winter Games 2017

The Winter Games 2017 in Munich are just one week away! As we don’t want any questions to remain unanswered, we summed up all the important information for both old and new quidditch fans.

Where and when are the Winter Games 2017 taking place exactly?
The tournament is held on January 14/15, 2017, at Sportpark Nymphenburg in Munich.
80639 Munich
The games start at 10 am on Saturday and at 9 am on Sunday.

Who is participating in the Winter Games 2017?
18 quidditch teams from all over Germany. You can find the complete list in the groups graphic below.

Do I have to get a ticket to come and watch?
No. The tournament is publicly accessible.

And what if I can't be in Munich?
Not a problem either! All matches on Pitch 1 will be live streamed on Sportdeutschland.TV, and we will keep you up to date about everything else via Twitter.

What is the point of the Winter Games 2017? Who are the favourites?
The Winter Games present the German teams with the opportunity to face off with other teams from all over the country for the first time in this season. The three best teams also qualify for the European Quidditch Cup 2017 in Mechelen, Belgium, in late March.
Last season’s German participants in the European Quidditch Cup were Rheinos Bonn, Darmstadt Athenas and Ruhr Phoenix. All three teams are justified to have high hopes to qualify again this year. A survey of all participating teams also placed Three River Dragons Passau and Berlin Bluecaps in the Top5.

So the Winter Games are not German Cup?
Exactly. German Cup 2017 is going to take place towards the end of the season in early summer.

How are the Winter Games 2017 going to work?
Teams are first competing against each other in group stage on Saturday. For this purpose, teams were divided into four groups of four to five teams (see below). Depending on their ranking within the group, teams then advance to bracket play on Sunday. Bracket play will allow for a complete ranking from 1 to 18.
You can find more detailed information on the tournament format and the tie breakers in the schedule and the Gameplay Guide (German document).

How can I stay up to date?
You’ll get all up-to-date information in the tournament’s Facebook event. Here you can also ask additional questions or found a last-minute fan club for your favourite team!
Of course it also can’t hurt to follow Deutscher Quidditchbund on Facebook and Twitter.

Is the tournament taking place outside? But what about the weather?
Quidditch is generally played outside and in (almost) every weather. Same goes for this tournament, so make sure to bring a couple more layers of clothes if you're coming to watch! Games will proceed as planned in light snow fall and rain. In case of heavy snow, the schedule will most likely be delayed as the fields might have to be cleared from snow every now and then or games might have to be temporarily suspended for security reasons should we experience blizzards and alike.

And what exactly is quidditch again?
Quidditch is a full-contact sport that combines elements from rugby, handball and dodgeball. It’s played in mixed-gender teams of seven players. You can find a more elaborate explanation of the sport and the different positions in our short introduction into quidditch.