National team training squad selected

Getting closer to representing Germany at the European Games 2017: 35 players have been selected for the national team training squad following their outstanding performances at the past tryouts. Together, they are now heading into the European Games preparation.

It is the first step towards the tournament roster for the European Games 2015. National team coach Christian Zimpelmann and co-coach Christian Häuser selected 35 players (see below) to form the team’s training squad from the pool of players who tried out for national team at the past two practice camps. This group of players is going to practice together and refine the team’s strategy in the upcoming months.
There is, however, yet one last chance for ambitious players who still want to be added to the squad and play at the European Games: the coaches are going to scout for hidden talents at the Winter Games in Munich on January 14/15, 2017, and might nominate some additional players.

Up until the end of April, four practice camps will give the national team ample time to get used to each other on and off pitch. The decision on who is going to make the tournament roster is to be expected afterwards.
Date and location of the European Games 2017 will be announced by the International Quidditch Association on November 30, 2016.

While the players are heading into their preparation, planning behind the scenes is already up to speed as well. If you want to support the team on their way as partner or sponsor, please get in touch with national team manager Juliane Schillinger (dqb21[at] directly!

National team training squad 2016/17:
Jadena Bechtel (Darmstadt Athenas)
Jonas Becker (Portkeys Bremen)
Borut Bezgovsek (Tübinger Thestrale)
Lukas Borner (Münster Marauders)
Leon Bürgers (Rheinos Bonn)
Simon Burgis (Darmstadt Athenas)
Nadine Cyrannek (Darmstadt Athenas)
Sara Dohle (Berlin Bluecaps)
Sebastian Elster (Rheinos Bonn)
Sarah Fuchs (Three River Dragons Passau)
Christian Häuser (Three River Dragons Passau)
Nina Heise (TGB Frankfurt Mainticores)
Patricia Heise (TGB Frankfurt Mainticores)
Sabrina Hönig (Darmstadt Athenas)
Emely Joost (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Martin Kleine (Darmstadt Athenas)
Jan Kohler (Portkeys Bremen)
Johanna Köhler (Black Forest Bowtruckles)
Ruben Lampe (Looping Lux Leipzig)
Florian Marquardt (Berlin Bluecaps)
Maximilian Martens (Berlin Bluecaps)
Ida Meyenberg (Three River Dragons Passau)
Tobias Mirwald (Three River Dragons Passau)
Niklas Müller (Ruhr Phoenix)
Alexander Müller (Ruhr Phoenix)
Christian Plesker (Darmstadt Athenas)
Miriam Quaß (Ruhr Phoenix)
Theresa Raulf (Ruhr Phoenix)
Sven Schulz (Ruhr Phoenix)
Bob Thines (Black Forest Bowtruckles)
Leander Troll (Rheinos Bonn)
Patrick Van Halem (Darmstadt Athenas)
Steffen Wirsching (Darmstadt Athenas)
Ewelina Wolska (Rheinos Bonn)
Marco Ziegaus (Three River Dragons Passau)