German teams convincing at the European Quidditch Cup 2016

Three German teams participated in last weekend’s European Quidditch Cup 2016. By advancing to the round of sixteen, Darmstadt Athenas placed in the Top 16, Bonn and Bochum finished the tournament on the ranks 24 and 29, respectively.

The 40 best quidditch teams from all over Europe competed in the European Quidditch Cup 2016 in Gallipoli, Italy, on 16/17 April. Rheinos Bonn, Darmstadt Athenas and Ruhr Phoenix from Bochum had been qualified for the tournament thanks to their rankings at the German Cup 2016 in January. All three teams managed to prove impressively that Germany has to be reckoned with on the international level.

As the highest ranking German team, Darmstadt Athenas qualified for the round of sixteen after confident performances in group stage and a heartbeat finish in their last game against the Barcelona Eagles, and can now take a spot amongst the best 16 teams in Europe. Losing to the METU Unicorns from Ankara in the sweet sixteen match was the end of Darmstadt’s EQC journey, however, by finishing on rank 15, Darmstadt still takes home the best German EQC ranking ever.

The reigning German champion, Rheinos Bonn, only just missed the round of sixteen due to a loss by snitch catch in their game against Oslo’s OSI Vikings during group stage game. Instead, their way led into Division 2, a bracket parallel to the competition for the European championship with the aim to determine the ranking behind the Top 16. After beating the Turkish BOUN Centaurs in the D2 sweet sixteen, the Rheinos only had to admit defeat against Crookshanks Lyon in the D2 quarterfinals. The team from Bonn eventually came in on a good rank 24.

Bochum’s Ruhr Phoenix was able to participate in EQC thanks to moving up on a spot that was waived by another country, but proved that they deserved this spot either way. As the youngest team in their group, Ruhr Phoenix had to back down against most teams in their pool, however, their confident victory against Toulouse is an achievement the team can be proud of. Ranking fourth after pool play allowed Ruhr Phoenix to advance to the D2 round of sixteen, where they faced and lost to the Barcelona Eagles, banished to Division 2 by Darmstadt. Rank 29 in the overall tournament is a great start for the young team and leaves room for improvement over the coming years.

We would like to congratulate all players on their great performances and an excellent tournament!


Match results of the German teams:
(* indicates the snitch catch)

Darmstadt Athenas
Aemona Argonauts 50 – 130* Darmstadt Athenas (Group stage)
NTNUI Rumpeldunk 110 – 160* Darmstadt Athenas (
Group stage)
Southampton QC 1 150* - 50 Darmstadt Athenas (
Group stage)
Barcelona Eagles 70 – 90* Darmstadt Athenas (
Group stage)

METU Unicorns 120 – 70* Darmstadt Athenas (Sweet 16)

Rheinos Bonn
Rheinos Bonn 120* - 30 Liège Leviathans (
Group stage)
OSI Vikings 70* - 40 Rheinos Bonn (
Group stage)
METU Unicorns 220* - 40 Rheinos Bonn (
Group stage)
Rheinos Bonn 70* - 10 Keele Squirrels (
Group stage)

BOUN Centaurs 90 – 130* Rheinos Bonn (D2 Sweet 16)
Crookshanks Lyon 110* - 30 Rheinos Bonn
(D2 Quarterfinals)

Ruhr Phoenix
Ruhr Phoenix 30 – 170* Green Tauros Torino (
Group stage)
Ruhr Phoenix 40 – 120* Ghent Gargoyles (
Group stage)
Ruhr Phoenix 210* - 70 Toulouse (
Group stage)
Ruhr Phoenix 40* - 100 Radcliffe Chimeras (
Group stage)

Barcelona Eagles 170* - 10 Ruhr Phoenix (D2 Sweet 16)

Pictures above: Van Klaveren Quidditch Photography

German players of all teams at the European Quidditch Cup 2016. Picture: Harun Kilic.