What is happening in German quidditch?



League Final 2017 (passed!)
When? October 15, 2017
Where? Sportplatz an der Schmelztalstraße, Bad Honnef
The League Final concludes the German Quidditch League 2016/17. The six regional champions will compete for the overall title.

German Quidditch Games 2017 (EQC qualification) (passed!)
When? November 4/5, 2017
Where? ATS Buntentor, Bremen
The top 16 German quidditch teams will play for the qualification for the European Quidditch Cup 2018. Three to four teams will represent the German community on the European level.

Ice Cup 2017
When? December 2/3, 2017
Where? DJK-Sportanlage, Bamberg-Wildensorg
All teams who did not qualify to participate in the Quidditch Games in Bremen are invited to participate in this tournament. Teams will be able to show off their development over the summer and prove that they are one to watch in the new season.

German Cup 2018
When? A weekend in early summer 2018
Where? Submit a bid for hosting German Cup now!
The German Quidditch Cup is the sportive highlight of the season. All quidditch teams from all over the Germany are invited to compete for the championship. For this season we expect up to 35 teams.

Other events

Quidditch Academie 2017 (passed!)
When? August 26/27, 2017
Where? Youth Hostel Grävenwiesbach
The annual Quidditch Academy invites representatives from all German teams to meet up and exchange thoughts on quidditch and team development. Workshops offered by experienced community members additionally provide new insights on a broad range on topics related to the sport.