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You can reach the DQB for any general enquiries at info[at]
Representatives of the media please refer to press[at]

Any enquiries to the DQB representatives to the IQA (Nina Heise) can be directed at international[at]
The coaching team of the German national team can be reached at dqb21[at]

If you have reason to complain about a person or team related to the DQB, please use the Complaints form.



Nina Heise (President) - president[at]
Niklas Müller (Vice President) - vicepresident[at]
Roman Kehrberger (Treasurer) - finances[at]
Matti Gantenberg (Gameplay) - gameplay[at]
Nadine Cyrannek (Team Support) - teams[at]
Juliane Schillinger (Public Relations) - marketing[at]