The DQB volunteer force



Anne Becker - Social Impact
Anne plays quidditch for the Thunderbirds Trier, primarily as a beater. Outside of quidditch she works as marketing trainee.

Patricia Heise - Social Impact
Patricia coaches the Frankfurt Mainticores, and enjoys playing other team sports. In her off-quidditch time she studies sociology and German.

Lea Meyer - Social Impact
Originally from much further west, Lea moved to beautiful Passau for her studies and ended up discovering quidditch. Apart from quidditch, she loves waffles and steps up for more solidarity in our world.

Simon Sadowski - Social Impact
Simon plays for the Hannover Nifflers. His focus at the SOCIAL-IMPACTeam is on gender diversity in sports, a topic he is committed to bringing on the agenda in all sports, not just quidditch.

Annika Zangenfeind - Secretary
Annika is currently pursuing a teaching degree for elementary school and studying history in Passau. She has been playing quidditch since fall 2015.



Inka Becker - League Coordination North
Inka's home are the Portkeys Bremen, but she recently moved to Lüneburg to pursue a teching degree for elementary school. Discovering her love for (quidditch) organisation, she took over the coordination of her regional league - rather than starting her own team in Lüneburg - to stay connected with the quidditch community and help out where she can.

Peter Bogner - Team Germany Head Coach
Next to quidditch, Peter loves rockclimbing and watching American Football. The tactical challenges of the sport are what excite him most about quidditch.

Tristan Dück - Kidditch
Media student Tristan plays quidditch in Hamburg and seeks to pass on his love for quidditch to the next generation. As coach of the kidditch team QCH Feuerblitze and supervisor of other kidditch projects, he combines this passion with his pedagogic work.

Johannes Fox - Kidditch
Johannes has enjoyed playing with the Jena Jobberknolls since 2015. Next to studying social work, he coaches a kidditch team once a week. His passion for the development of youth programmes stems from his years-long volunteering experience with children and teenagers.

Jenny Krafczyk - League Coordination Baden-Württemberg
Jenny has been playing for the Black Forest Bowtruckles since 2015. Her love to the Bowtruckles only wavered for a short period when she spend a term abroad and played for the Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs. Within the team in Freiburg, she takes on a number of organisational tasks.

Ruben Lampe - League Coordination East
Ruben gets on pitch for LSV Südwest Looping Lux Leipzig. Apart from quidditch, he studies event, fair and congress management.

Janik Lembert - League Coordination North Rhine-Westphalia
Janik co-founded the Bielefelder Basilisken and is now captaining the team. He works with children and youth and is a passionate cyclist.

Florian Marquardt - Team Germany Assistant Coach
Florian has been playing quidditch in Berlin since 2015. After an injury forced him to drop out of the national team in 2017, he is now highly motivated to lead Team Germany to success as a coach.

Ida Meyenberg - Team Germany Management Assistant
Ida proudly played with Team Germany for two years before recently stepping down. However, she did not want to part with the team completely. This year's mission: charm them all and gather some funds for the team!

Lea Meyer - League Coordination Bavaria
Originally from much further west, Lea moved to beautiful Passau for her studies and ended up discovering quidditch. Apart from quidditch, she loves waffles and steps up for more solidarity in our world.

Marlon Raabe - Team Germany Assistant Coach
Marlon works as a construction engineer in a middle-class company. He enjoys coaching in general, which is why he was excited to become part of DQB and help to shape Team Germany.

Timo Ramsauer - Player Database
Timo started his quidditch career in 2016 at NTNUI in Norway, before returning to Bremen and eventually moving on to Darmstadt. He studies IT security in the latter and enjoys travelling the world.

Juliane Schillinger - Team Germany Manager
Juliane has supported Team Germany since 2015. As manager she relies on players way more capable than herself to secure one of those World Cup or European Games medals.

Steffen Wirsching - League Coordination Rhein-Main
Steffen has been playing quidditch since early 2015. He studies computational engineering in Darmstadt. In his position as League Coordinator Rhein-Main, he ensures that the his league in the heart of Germany continues to grow.

Marco Ziegaus - Player Database
Marco got to know quidditch in Passau and has been playing with the Three River Dragons since October 2015. He started studying in Sweden in September 2016, but keeps visiting Germany for most tournaments and practice weekends. Apart from volunteering with DQB, Marco is also involved in the International Quidditch Association and the organisation of tournaments.


Nick Stein - Community Outreach
Nick's goal is to support new teams wherever possible and bring quidditch to new cities and regions. When he is not on pitch for his team, Binger Beasts, he enjoys the theatre where he regularly joins in to write and play.

Maya Wheldon - Community Outreach
Maya plays beater for Münchner Wolpertinger and lives and plays quidditch with great passion. She designs quidditch workouts for her team. But since that is not enough for her yet, and she can't have enough quove in her life, she is happily volunteering with DQB.


Public Relations

Leila Boehm - Online Editorial
Leila has been player for the Thunderbirds Trier since their first hour and has been hooked on the sport ever since. Off the pitch she lives her passion for photography and videography and might as well travel with German teams to tournaments abroad.

Franziska Eggelmann - Graphic Design
Franziska is studing Integrated Design in Bremen. Outside of the class room, she continues to delve into design issues and enjoys all kinds of creative tasks.

Johannes Gäbler - Promotion
Johannes attends 11th grade at high school. He tends to have crazy ideas and enjoys a random set of things like Mirai Nikki, Dota and badminton. He currently plays for the Dresden Deluminators.

Paulina Schröder - Graphic Design
Paulina has played for Rheinos Bonn since October 2016. Off the pitch she spends her free time with graphic design and set up the Rheinos' online merchandise store. Paulina studies math at the University of Bonn.

Sebastian Stenzel - IT
Sebastian started playing for Rheinos Bonn about a year ago. He has been working as computer scientist for numerous years and is advocating open source, crowdsourcing and self-organised administration. He is a full-time geek of varying degree, enjoys the cinema, scientific sciences, random nonsense and kittens.

Steffen Wirsching - IT
Steffen has been playing quidditch since early 2015. He studies computational engineering in Darmstadt. Working with the DQB IT department, he makes sure that all the tech runs flawlessly.