Meet the DQB board!


Nina Heise - President

Nina found out about quidditch during her semester abroad at the University of Southampton. That was October 2013. Since then, she has played quidditch in four European countries and, after returning to Germany, founded the Frankfurt Mainticores. She also continues to play for international merc teams.

Because of her international contacts, Nina has been the DQB representative in the IQA Standing European Committee since summer 2014. Previous to her quidditch career, she has also gained several years of experience working with and being a board member at her local sports club and is thus no stranger to the organisational tasks that her work as DQB’s vice president encompasses. Furthermore, studying business management as a minor subject has given her insight into the financial and management aspects of big organisations.


Lisa Tietze - Vice President

Lisa experienced her first contact with quidditch in Darmstadt with the local team founded by Jonas Zinn. Shortly after that she went to Norway for an exchange year. Fortunately, the university in Trondheim provided the team NTNUI Rumpeldunk she could practice and play some tournaments with. The tournament experiences triggered an interested for reffing, which made her become an assistant and snitch IRDP certified referee, proving herself in international events as the Euopean Quidditch Cup and the European Games.

Now she is back in Germany where she plays with the Unisportzentrum Darmstadt while studying Biomolecular Engineering on master level.


Jonas Zinn - Treasurer

Jonas learned about quidditch during his studies abroad at the University of California, Berkeley in 2012. Participating in the Western and World Cup 2013, he realized the importance of a governing body for the development of the sport. After returning to Germany, he therefore did not only start and coach the team at Technische Universität Darmstadt, but also got involved with the setting up of a German quidditch federation early on.

Utilising his skills from master studies in industrial engineering and the experiences he made in the world of quidditch, Jonas now helps to support an effective organisation to foster the German sports of quidditch.


Niklas Müller - Gameplay

Niklas played quidditch for the first time in April 2015 with the then newly founded Heidelberger HellHounds. He quickly recognized how important knowledge of the rulebook is to ensure a properly structured and fair game. In October 2015, he and Saskia Busse founded the quidditch team Ruhr Phoenix in Bochum. Afterwards, he became a certified head referee and enjoyed referee duties at tournaments like the German championship and the European Quidditch Cup. At the IQA World Cup 2016 he was also responsible for some international games as head referee.

When he isn't involved with quidditch, Niklas spends his time in studying math at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum.


Ida Meyenberg - Team Support

Ida has played quidditch with the Three River Dragons Passau since April 2015. She immediately got involved in many different tasks within the team, particularly helping with plyer recruitment. During the organisation of the River Cup 2016, she was responsible for sponsoring and merchandise. Moreover, Ida regularly plays in various national and international tournaments, as well as in merc teams. As part of the German national team at World Cup 2016 in Frankfurt, she was able to get to know a a great part of the German quidditch community and established contact with many teams across the country.

She studies Governance and Public Policy B.A. at the University of Passau, focusing in politics.


Juliane Schillinger - Public Relations

Juliane started playing quidditch at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, during her studies abroad in 2013. Upon her return to Germany she founded the Black Forest Bowtruckles in Freiburg. When she finished her bachelor degree in summer 2014, she left the Bowtruckles in good hands and moved to the Netherlands for her master studies where she is now coaching and playing for the newly founded Wageningen Werewolves.

Over the course of her studies, Juliane took several courses in public relations and event management, and represented her teams in the media. She now uses these experiences to promote the DQB as head of the Public Relations department.